Contest Winners Announced for January – June 2016 Contest

 First Place — Mary Ryan / Fairfax, VA  The Offering

Second Place

Joel Ash / Grantham, NH  Zeus Seuss

Jomarc Bernardo / Tustin, CA  Child-like to Childish

Samantha Campbell / Los Angeles, CA  The Planet Kid

Hannah Dahleen / Seattle, WA  Summer Fling

Ryen Goebel / Destin, FL  The Sleeper

Anna Harris / Enumclaw, WA  The Color Red

Abby Hodson / Monroe, CT  Running Blind

Sheila Huang / Madison, CT  A Lover Lost, a Killer Convicted

Anna Krieske / Aurora, OR  Suits

Jenny Lynch / Gloucester, VA  The Brick in My Stomach

Barbara Malley / Hingham, MA  A Nefarious Ode to Noses

Melinda Marchiano / Nipomo, CA  Huayna Picchu

Olivia Matvey / Pittsburgh, PA  My Lurking, Abusing Anxiety

Elizabeth Moroni / Denver, CO  Two Midwestern Women at 2am

Jodi Neely / Cameron, WV  I’m So Sorry, Langston

Josephine Shelton / Reed City, MI  Ernie

Barbara Steinhauser / Parker, CO  American Blessing

P. J. Stump / Loveland, CO  Cat Patrol: Ode to Mandy

Heather Vance / St. Charles, IL  Beetlejuice

Georgia Williams / Tacoma, WA  Coming Home After a Rape

Third Place

Diane Atkinson / Bayport, NY  Lobo

Gordon Bangert / Vail, AZ  Ageless

Casey Barnett / Moonachie, NJ  Golden Cage

Isabel Baute / Lewisburg, TN  Petrichor

Kurt Beck / Oakville, CT  Carma

Megan Becker / Spicewood, TX  With Shaky Hands

Anne Brottem / Tacoma, WA  Volcano Warning

Nicole Brown / Uniontown, AR  Addiction

Anna Butterworth / Holmfirth, West Yorkshire  Little Moon

Michele Cabral / Milo, ME  Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Sienna Campbell / Williamstown, VT  Vociferous Children

Samantha Carpenter / Hamden, CT  Hand on Bone

Thomas Chevraux / Canton, OH  Novus Ordo Seclorum

Domenick Chillura / Tampa, FL  Agrigento Sicily

Nella Cotrupi / Richmond Hill, ON  Fresh Snow on Rooftops

Tatiana Courtney / Apex, NC  Collateral

David Darrow / Dayton, OH  Plastic

Benjamin Davis / Sturbridge, MA  Flowers and Factories in Bloom

Janet Deckard / Texas City, TX  The Last Toast (of the Doolittle Raiders)

Emilie Dulles / McLean, VA  Two Grains

Chris Fabucci / East Meadow, NY  The Grain Theory

Diana Forbes / Ridgecrest, CA  Winter Rains

Izzy Frabotta / Hudson, OH  Ode to the Toad

Alexis Frambes / Burke, VA  In Siren Song

Shaun Gallagher / Augusta, ME  Yellow

Oscar Gannon / London, England  Sinking

James Gao / Homer, AK  The Battlefield

Wanetta Gines / San Diego, CA  Chapped Lips and Crushed Potato

Gretchen Gloff / Lawrence, PA  Truth

Caitlin Goldtrap / Fort Smith, AR  Jim Halpert

Richard Hartline / Hampton, VA  What Telemachus Knew

Paul Hedley / Blyth, United Kingdom  Heretofore

Jade Hendriks / Raleigh, NC  The Butcher’s Daughter

Joania Hernandez / Cooper City, FL  We Wouldn’t Want Our Daughter

Rachel Higson / Irvine, CA  Whistling Bird on Teapot’s Spout

Angela Hill / Tucson, AZ  Unfeathered

Russ Housman / Arlington, VT  Untitled

Kyle Imoto / Chula Vista, CA  Bullying

Shana Jackson / Richmond, VA  The Escort

Ashley Johnson / Richmond, VA  Looking for Slugs

Sequoia Johnson / Exeter, NH  Salt Stains

Saffron Jolly / Carson City, NV  Lamplit Confessions

Emilee Jones / San Antonio, TX  An Outcast Wish Heard Wrong

Anne Kahn / Wilmington, DE  Bipolar to Order

Kyle Kaplan / New York, NY  A Balancing Act

Fred Karns / Hersey, MI  The Man That Looks Like Me

Mary Kienholz / Spokane, WA  Old Wooden Gate

Jay Kim / Vancouver, BC  The Light Glared in My Eyes

Lisa Kimbrough / Spring Hill, TN  More

Steve King / Brooklyn, NY  Andrea Ireland Parker

Sharon King-Jeffers / Waikoloa, HI  A Drive Downtown

Thomas Koron / Grand Rapids, MI  He Rides Above the Clouds

Baylee Kram / Dickinson, ND  Prison of the Phoenixed Leaves

Barbara Lindstrom / Lawrence, KS  Buried in Her Feragamo Shoes

Jubilee Lipsey / Winthrop Harbor, IL  Paper Wings

Deborah Lorne / Brady, TX  Blue Sage Pastures

Ray Loveland / Omaha, NE  Little Boys and Mud Puddles

Alan Man / La Jolla, CA  The Debt

Claudia Marinozzi / Gloucester, MA  5 O’clock

Courtney Marshall / Princeton, IN  Sixteen

Ron Matros / Mesilla, NM  Cold Mountain

Claire McDonald / Oakland, CA  (How Do) I Work

Olivia Mock / Twin Lake, MI  Love of Aquamarine

Rowen Moran / Trumbull, CT  Date Rape

Minh-Vien Nguyen / San Francisco, CA  People Helping People

Winston Nugent / St. Croix, VI  The Mermaid of Black River

Charles Omer / Temecula, CA  Necessary Lines

John Otteni / Kirkland, WA  Salad Days

Sherman Pearl / Santa Monica, CA  Weathervane

Thomas Phelan / Ramsey, NJ  John Doe: Old Sailor

Rachel Richmond / Purcellville, VA  For a Friend Who Killed Himself

Allen Ross / Springfield, MO  Ode to the Bank

Dreco Salgado / Richmond, TX  Vaccine

Sydney Satz / Margate, FL  Bimini

Caroline Schmitz / Los Angeles, CA  Red Toyota

John Schmoyer / Schnecksville, PA  A Letter from Washington

Philip Scott / Durham, NC  Wounded Warrior

Leila Sen / San Francisco, CA  Four Maids Fair

Patricia Senkaylar / Staten Island, NY  Burgeon

Ciaran Short / New York, NY  Villanelle

William Shuttleworth / Jacksonville, FL  Get Connected!

Emma Stewart / Fowler, OH  Words Among the Wreckage

Kathleen Story / Palatka, FL  Annihilation

Michelle Strauch / Cassville, MO  Shadow Dancers

Amber Sutherland / Nampa, ID  Cameo Buttons and Gingham

Marleena Tamminen / Fayetteville, GA  When the Dust Settles

Hari Tetala / Apex, NC  Maquillage

Keva Thomas / Terrytown, LA  The Artist’s Brush

Liam Thomas / Cheshire, CT  I Saved This One Nabokov

Maria Valenzano Prince / Tillamook, OR  Mud

Tara Van Kleef / Lake Park, GA  Untitled

Mikee Vicari / Surfside Beach, SC  Stiks

Heidi Voigt / Clear Lake, MN  Orange Chocolate

Sarah Waters / Slocomb, AL  Dissatisfaction

Jeffrey White / Elkhorn, WI  Prolepsis

John White / La Mesa, CA  A Writer’s Sonnet

Mary Williams / Market Drayton, Shrops  A Barista’s Pantoum

Leeland Wilson / Evart, MI  The Old Folks

Megan Wolsfeld / Port Coquitlam, BC  Fire

Lucy Worthen / Duluth, GA  Limericks by Lucy