Random Bailey provides touching verse on this special day

 A Veteran’s Poem

I lie here in my hospital bed
Wondering where it all went wrong
Have I not served thee well enough?
My God, my country, my wife and kids
Yet here I am at the string’s frayed end
Begging and praying Your peace to lend

A lifetime ago yet seconds it seems
A boy stood where a man now lies
Scared and wounded in a foreign land
With a bright red target upon my head
My brothers in arms screaming in pain
Begging for mercy the misericorde

The whole of my time spent in that war
Wanting nothing more than to simply return
Yet on my arrival back to the states
They spat at me and labeled me baby-killer
And worse they were right through no choice of mine

As I lie here now in contemplation
Dreadful remembrance pointless reflection
I know in my heart I did all I could
But for God and my country do more I would

Random Bailey
Licking, MO