Ask the Editor...

How do I keep my momentum on an average day?

Q: I want to build a habit of writing regularly, but I often don’t know what to write about. It’s easy when I’m feeling a strong emotion like sadness or joy, but how do I keep my momentum on an average day? —Stumped Poet

A: First of all, anything that contributes to your writing can “count.” For example, instead of forcing yourself to write, you could spend the time reading poetry. You could talk to friends or family about a piece on which you’re working. Another great idea is to get involved with a poetry group—either in your community or online. Being amongst like-minded creatives will help keep you in the writing mind-set. Don’t forget about revision: every poem written needs to be edited and revised.

Here are some topics to spark your imagination:

Look at pictures or photos 

The colors in nature 

Three wishes 

Travel or a special place 

An animal or pet 

What poetry means to you 

A person you admire 

Love or heartbreak 

Loss and grief 

View from a window or mirror 

Compare two things 

Something never done before 

A childhood experience 

Your greatest fear 

How to do something 

The passage of time 

A word chosen at random 

A historical event