Lowell, MA, USA

Samantha Chhor


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Lowell, MA, USA

Samantha Chhor

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  • Form, Function, and Verse

    Storytelling Through Narrative Poetry

  • Phenomenolgy in Form

  • Free Verse at the Forefront of Poetic Style

  • Similitudes of Poetry and Songwriting

    Strategies and Ideas for Today’s Aspiring Songwriter

  • Dealing with Themes

    Avoiding the Dilution of Art with Sentiment

  • New Yorker Essayist Adam Gopnik Speaks at W. D. Snodgrass Symposium

  • Contemporary Poet W. D. Snodgrass Remembered at the University of Delaware

    An Honorary Event Held in Memory of One of Today’s Most Influential Poets

  • Join Our Community on Facebook

    Meet Fellow Poets

  • Self-Publishing Becoming the New Standard

  • James Milliron

    August ’10 Grand Prize Winner

  • Gottardo DiGiacopo

    December ’09 Grand Prize Winner

  • Making It to the Winner's Circle

    Who Are Our Winners, How Are They Chosen, and Where Are They Found?

  • Alice P. Thomas

    September ’09 Winner of Eber & Wein’s National Amateur Poetry Competition

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