You Came For Us

by Brad Jarvis

You came for my family, for who we were and what we had. It was part of a game whose rules you believed were fair but which we did not know.

You took what you wanted because the rules said you could. They said success proved you were better than anyone or anything that could not stop you, even those who knew nothing of the game.

Your wants included our needs, and as we starved some of us fought back. We played the most basic game of all, whose only rule is to live at any cost.

You saw our fight as proof we knew your game, as its rules said everyone should. Yet our game was only a small part of your game, a distinction you refused to see.

You saw yourselves as winners, but we saw you as murderers. You saw us as losers, but we were victims of a game that accepts death as a valid price for something other than more life.

You came for us without knowing or caring that your life depends on what we can do because of who we are. By ending us, you end yourselves, and thus we come for you.

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