Previous Winners

Recent First Place Winners of $2,000.00 each and an award plaque

Ellen MarcheseAirport

Stephanie Kranes, Kinesthetic

Alice Thomas, The Gardener

James R. MillironTo Writers R. A. and Tom

Gottardo DiGiacopo, Darkroom

Fred WurzbachConstrained Compliment

Laura Leigh Packard, The Wedding Gown of Marriage 

Dustin Calkins, Contestant Downer Boy

Recent Second Place Winners of $100.00 each and an award plaque

Lana Bella, A Spanish Lullaby

Virg Bodyfelt, Haykakan

Ashley Campbell, Occupation

Jeffrey Golden, I Suppose I Am a Formalist

Sam Herle, Egg Land

Jan Hetherly, Writing a Villanelle

Jane Huffman, Letter to My Blacksmith

Ada Marquez, Torn Fingernails

Carol Maurice, Offspring

Jacob Miller, HH-60

Jayhawk Richard Ohge, From Mexico to New York

Kayla Porth, Forestry

Kristin Pritchard, Persephone

Laura Renshaw, Dropped Camera Playback

Clarissa Rice, Citizen

Lev Tov, Journalists’ Jezebels

Mildred Tretter, Blind Man on a Bus

Ronald Trumble, Game Over

Marjorie Wisler, Frigid

Chelsea Schlosser, An Abused Kid

Kelsey McClintock, Sea Flower

Mary A. Martin, The Old Barn

Jane Trask Rosen, Pantoum: Before Morning

Craig Parker, The Loon’s Lament

Jennifer Dillard, Drought Year, 5 a.m.

Pat Conway, La rolex replica Desaparecida

Fred H. Wurzbach, Sheila

William Oliver, Proserpine

Sarah McNicholas, Untitled Bowl

Alan M. Mandell, Ode to Mr. Twain

Dan Bacon, Ode to rolex replica New Egland

Emily Martin, Mademoiselle Charlotte DuVal D’Ognes

Gary Armstrong, If Only For a Moment

Richard N. Fahey, replica rolex Maritime Maiden

Emily Bolt, On the News Tonight

Steve McDonagh, A Pair at Wollaston Beach

Sue Binder, Anticipation

Juanita D. Sandford, Will She Call Me Mama?

Ruth V. Winteer, Pacific swiss watches Coast Winter

Katie Estevez, Untitled 

Kitty Bradley, Frozen in Time (Villanelle)

Steven Panesis, Passage to Africa

Amanda Batson, In the Summer replica watches of My Stay in Appleby

Sean Grabowski, Dumpster Divers Justification

Lucy Way, Empty Pockets

Lauren Mansfield, Underground Solidarity

Chris Blomgren, Autumn Sentinal

David Kachalon, Holiday BBQ

Carol Stecher, Mother’s Creation--Family Fabric        

Gina M. Marchese, The Layoff

Jean A. WilsonYesteryear’s Jewels

Diana Lyster, The Penguin

Richard H. Peake, rolex replica Caregiver’s Confession

Aron K. Anderson, Particulars

Jane Emerson, The Poker Game

Emiliano Lebron, Burlesque

David W. Fry, The Chair 

Anne J. Basile, The Wedding Present

Lauren Loftus, Reflecting the Peach

Patric Baylis-Andre, A Mouth for My Hunger

Mike Welsh, How Will I Know It?

Oscar Muscariello, The Gull

Perry L. Shepard, Conversing

Linda Copman, The Roundness of Things

Catherine N. Ferrari, Thoughts as My Father Lay Dying

H. M. Stone, In Memory of H. M. Stone

John C. Posey, The Poets’ Wine

Ruth E. Johnson, Not in the Fossil Record

Johanne LaRocque, An Old Navy Man

Julia K. Byrd, Where I Belong

Sean M Goold, Moments Whisper

Sarah Wyckoff, Mammie’s Morning Waffles

Victoria McCullough, A Brother’s Passing On

Gladys Richter, Coffee Cup Wisdom

Jocelyn S. Winkel, 1957

Amy Rarrick, Piece Four: Defiant Insight

Annabel Lyman, Puzzled

Richard Davi, Earthward

Jordanna Aberbach, Everywhere Alive