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  • I Know You're There

    I was born in Alaska on a small farm. Throughout my life I got to experience things not everyone can. I participated in a 4-H program, auctioning young beef. Using my winning funds to travel to new places in the world. I visited beautiful places and incredible people. These people helped inspire my artistic values. My art consists of poetry, painting with acrylic and oil paint, shading, sketching, and other pencil work. This specific piece was inspired by my best friend and the love of my life. This piece portrays my love for him. No matter the distance.

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  • Mary Martinez De Arellano

    Blissful Lambs of May

    Abismal caurosel, beneath; an Idyll vale clandestine, "charismatic" Chamisal. Aboriginal implicit faith, lucent natively passage-way. Geneological French-Indian-Spaniard blood cradled, benevolence engendered. Elemental glimpsed parenthood, dimpled nostalgic heart-strings. En-tombed, en-shrined dovish parents...finesse in-script. Germane siblings aplenty. Last phogeny mystique unalike characteristic branch. Haply desultory birth Turner's Syndrome, elite choice of God. Wisdomed fate, a request within. Fain affluence; fecundity. Dewy blessedness of free-standing, self-inplanted prudence. Laborious endeavored Artist, Photographer, Quiltera, Poetess. Wince, woeful obstacles, competitive world. Altogether, personified exemplar of measured eclipsing keiodoscopic color-hur of "Life's Banquet." Envisage iception of futurism galaxy. Momentous God-speed journey avow-al. Granduer Gratitude!

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