61 days in the life of..

Owner: J. Harris


As a woman of 21.. I fell ill to a NOW foreseeable disease. Five years of my life I spent in hell. Shut in to my home and shut out of all rational parts of my mind. I suffered with agoraphobia, severe OCD, debilitating anxiety and phobias. I went through a break with reality (a term the doctors referred to it as). For a long time I felt like dying, and I'm sure many of the family I put through torture sometimes wished it as well.
I got better. I fell in love again. Each day is progress, and that progress would not be possible without the help of a pen and paper.

Poems In This Collection

    To fear or not to fear

    PoetJ. Harris


    PoetJ. Harris

    The wedding band

    PoetJ. Harris

    One single stem

    PoetJ. Harris

    The Promise

    PoetDerek Catanzaro