61 days in the life of..

Owner: J. Harris


As a woman of 21.. I fell ill to a NOW foreseeable disease. Five years of my life I spent in hell. Shut in to my home and shut out of all rational parts of my mind. I suffered with agoraphobia, severe OCD, debilitating anxiety and phobias. I went through a break with reality (a term the doctors referred to it as). For a long time I felt like dying, and I'm sure many of the family I put through torture sometimes wished it as well.
I got better. I fell in love again. Each day is progress, and that progress would not be possible without the help of a pen and paper.

Poems In This Collection

    • The Promise

      PoetDerek Catanzaro

        • Forsaken

          PoetJ. Harris

          • The wedding band

            PoetJ. Harris

            • One single stem

              PoetJ. Harris