Animal Lovers

Owner: Anthony Easterling


This collection is about putting your poems about animals in here. I am starting it because i wrote a poem about my cat passing away in January this year. I did this to help grieve and put my feelings down on paper. Now my poem is published through a contest. Whether your poem is published or not you can put your poem in here and get it noticed. Good luck to my fellow poets!

Poems In This Collection

    From a Grieving Daddy

    PoetAnthony Easterling


    PoetDusty McAllister

    I call him Killer

    PoetSylvia Elena

    Dutiful Dogs

    PoetHandunnetti De Silva

    Paw Prints

    PoetPatty Emel

    The Dance of Birds

    PoetHandunnetti De Silva

    • On My Leash

      PoetHandunnetti De Silva