Beyond the Sea: Escape


With a wonderful selection of poems written by some of today’s most talented amateur writers, each anthology contains poems that are funny, sad, religious, and profoundly unforgettable. Each publication encompasses a culturally diverse group of poets whose work has touched the hearts of readers far and wide. All publications are designed to capture the essence of today’s poetic genre. A complete index of poets and an International Standard Book Number unique to each edition are included.

Poems In This Collection


    PoetCatelin Hall

    Nugatory Blackhole

    PoetBelindamorgan Morgan


    PoetChristopher Bailey

    Saving the Planet

    PoetKayla Johnson

    Our Wedding Day

    PoetDanika Hooper

    Living for Nothing

    PoetCaitlyn Brilz


    PoetCarolyn Swanson

    The Week of the Deed

    PoetMatthew Roberts

    Trial and Error

    PoetLillian Lee

    Independence Day, 2014

    PoetMatthew Harris

    School Day

    PoetDestiny Sims

    In America

    PoetJack Tomkovick

    Two Blocks South

    PoetMegan Marshall

    Beautiful Day

    PoetNatalie Cohen


    PoetLexus Barnett


    PoetDavid Scoville


    PoetLaura Hopkins

    Lost Love

    PoetFrederic Holland Sr


    PoetPhoebe Anton

    Ode to a 17-year-old Daughter

    PoetAnnie Edwards

    Beneath Me


    Always Moving

    PoetCheron Reid

    The Best Summer Weekend

    PoetAlanna Owens

    Thoughts Released

    PoetHolly Scholl

    Help and See

    PoetKiyama Rembert

    summer reverence

    PoetZach Rahed

    Being Graceouslly Patient

    PoetShawn Armstrong


    PoetShannacy Schimmel

    From the Womb to the Tomb

    PoetAmanda Cartigiano

    Perfectly Broken

    PoetShalane Dicomo


    PoetNatassja Gay

    Braving the Elements

    PoetMaurisha Harris

    The War

    PoetEmily Buell

    Hey Sally

    PoetDalton Chance


    PoetVictoria Raymond


    PoetWesley Higashi

    Build Me (Part II)

    PoetChristine Frerichs


    PoetRobynne Yokota

    Love Is

    PoetMegan Smolinski

    Looking at Time

    PoetGerald Donelson Jr

    True Colors

    PoetDebra Kuhn

    Fire and Ice

    PoetAmanda Zollinhofer

    Why Doesn't She Love Me?

    PoetKayla Ennis

    Hollyhock Heist

    PoetCarole Rothstein

    Untitled #4

    PoetPenny Schmitz

    You and I

    PoetPaula Lowen

    Last Night I Had a Dream

    PoetCharity Fisher

    Wasting Time

    PoetMaegan Newport

    Orchids To Butterflies

    PoetJessa Miller

    Forever Just a Memory

    PoetDebra Lacy

    I Was Young and You Broke Me

    PoetKaetlyn Young

    I've Got Gas

    PoetTommy Buchholz


    PoetChana Stanislavsky

    We, Wine; We AM

    PoetArno Lukas

    Love Is

    PoetCheryl Adams

    A Lost Soul

    PoetFrancesse Simeon

    Journey Through Life

    PoetAshley Canales

    Cherry Blossom Tree

    PoetCourtney Clark

    Is It Love?

    PoetSophie Potter

    Personal Foul

    PoetMark Yearick

    Once Again

    PoetCourtney Kramer

    Heard in Silence

    PoetLauren Vanderford


    PoetTed Johnson

    Something Small but Significant

    PoetZarren Zehnder

    Because It Is Art

    PoetJason Adkins

    War What Is It For?

    PoetMelissa Fisher

    You Are in My Heart

    PoetMarina Macgregor


    PoetGaetan Pruneau

    Runaway Smile

    PoetLindsey Smith


    PoetBrittnee Curtis


    PoetDeidre Hansen

    All Figured Out

    PoetShelbee Denson

    The Caterpillar

    PoetMaria Rolon

    Love, I Have a Few Regrets

    PoetKatherine Spence

    Every Day I Miss You

    PoetSarah Teters

    Spectrum Abodes

    PoetAnthony Johnson

    The Day of Endless Slumber

    PoetIsabella Hernandez


    PoetCalvin Fussell

    Blink of an Eye

    PoetBlythe Brown

    Never Mine

    PoetJudy Chen


    PoetKristie Landing

    Your Majesty

    PoetJeremy Jeffers

    My Friend Dorothy

    PoetAngela Brinskele


    PoetMargaret Dworek

    My Fire and Frost's Ice

    PoetVincenzo Malo


    PoetTyler Hanson

    Sink or Swim?

    PoetRachel Morgan

    Winds of Autumn

    PoetLew Goddard

    Who Am I

    PoetOlivia Okafor

    This Is the Year

    PoetZakhyia Eagleton


    PoetAnn Mark

    English and Literature

    PoetElese Snay


    PoetMac Batchelor

    Forbidden Love

    PoetCrystal Schoenherr

    I Am So Minute, the Minute

    PoetMoolky Nagabhushan

    Bag of Bones

    PoetJordan Moore

    happy new year

    PoetCameron Cready-Pyle

    Writer's Block

    PoetEvelyn Murphy


    PoetMary Lawson

    Twisted Reality

    PoetTina Shuert


    PoetGrace Richardson


    PoetSierra Bruggink

    I Am Poem

    PoetElizabeth Martinez


    PoetNatalie Radt

    Just Because

    PoetCherese Cobb

    Justice Is Served

    PoetTamia Harkness

    Don't Burn Bridges, Build Them

    PoetKatherine McMillen

    On Trees and Life

    PoetRobyn Paul

    Take a Stand

    PoetKara Garvin

    A Wife's Secret

    PoetTerry Fitterer

    For You

    PoetRandy Morgan

    The Truth

    PoetTaylor Lange

    Falling Down

    PoetJordan Pollard

    Fire Fight

    PoetChasity Jones


    PoetSutton Richards

    Perfect Image

    PoetSamantha Sargent