Beyond the Sea: Findings


With a wonderful selection of poems written by some of today’s most talented amateur writers, each anthology contains poems that are funny, sad, religious, and profoundly unforgettable. Each publication encompasses a culturally diverse group of poets whose work has touched the hearts of readers far and wide. All publications are designed to capture the essence of today’s poetic genre. A complete index of poets and an International Standard Book Number unique to each edition are included.

Poems In This Collection

    The End

    PoetLaticia Brown


    PoetAshton Stevenson

    Body Of Art

    PoetTaylor Blount

    My Dear

    PoetKaleb Eades


    PoetJames Riley

    A 'peace' Of Faith

    PoetSteven Ormsby

    What Happened

    PoetKassidy Powell

    Walk In My Shoes

    PoetKalena Paramo


    PoetPeggy Shrewsbury


    PoetJulieta Vazquez

    I Once Knew A Girl

    PoetRoxie Perry


    PoetRenee Borchardt

    Strange, I Think I Know You.

    PoetKayla Cochran

    Take Me Under

    PoetAbby Milne

    Our Human Creations

    PoetSabrina Gonzalez


    PoetJessica Bower

    For Those Who've Left Me

    PoetAndrea Tamposi

    How Could I Forget

    PoetCynthia Thelemaque

    Homeless Dreams

    PoetMarjorie Burghdoff-Banks

    Masking Reality

    PoetKeanah Turner

    The Tears Of Another

    PoetKim Glover


    PoetVanessa Jones

    My Other Half

    PoetJaden Newberry


    PoetJailin Campbell

    The Presence

    PoetTanya Gadd

    New Future Of The Internet

    PoetDoris Beaulieu

    Bluegrass And Bamboo

    PoetR. Thomas Wendlandt

    What's Going On

    PoetEmily Barylske

    Summer Days

    PoetMelanie Hehn

    Haunted House

    PoetBrea Smith

    The Willow Tree

    PoetHailey Mariana

    Queen Bee

    PoetShakill Garnett


    PoetErin Lafferty

    We Are All Blind

    PoetShauna Simmons

    No More

    PoetAngela Calabresi

    I Remember

    PoetAlex Guyer

    Life Is Freedom

    PoetAmber Breshears

    In Their Behalf

    PoetGary Grimsley


    PoetRita Barbaro

    My Second Mother

    PoetTracy Lanier

    Good Bye

    PoetJana Gradin

    An Act Of Love

    PoetJoanne Lahiff-Jaffe

    Homage To R. Frost

    PoetRobert Kinerk

    Makes The Pain Go Away

    PoetAndreana Moore

    A Cold Dark Room

    PoetTerrance Canavan

    Lost Beyond Found

    PoetTroy Chinavare


    PoetKayla Pippin

    The Voices

    PoetBrianna Jobin


    PoetAndrew Cucinotta

    My Dog

    PoetEdward Williams

    The Struggle

    PoetCharles Plunkett


    PoetSavannah Turner

    The White Tree

    PoetEllen Iven

    Green Grapes

    PoetMiette-Blue Nepomuceno

    May Be Somebody

    PoetNischal Amin

    The Light

    PoetTariq Bey


    PoetSarah Kempton


    PoetCheyenne Marbury


    PoetCiara Aparicio

    Grounds For Morning

    PoetBrianna Grindland

    Watch It Grow

    PoetEli Rogers

    Love: Mind And Soul

    PoetCharles Roberson


    PoetSarah Zelifan

    Our Colors

    PoetJenna Calabro

    There Is A World Out There

    PoetAlexandra Wilder

    Amusement Park Of Life

    PoetErin Samson

    Rising Rain

    PoetKatie Rouse

    To My Kids

    PoetStephanie Rodriguez

    A Walk With Mother

    PoetZoe Wu

    An Ugly World

    PoetRenee Brown

    The Difference Between You And I

    PoetAlyssa Rosario-Guerrero

    My Lonely Cavern

    PoetJessi Beyer

    Love You at a Distance

    PoetAndrea Geren

    Phoebe McNasty

    PoetHelen DeMarco

    Mad As A Hatters Son

    PoetJacqueline Perry


    PoetLuna Black

    Act One

    PoetTracey Scott

    I'm Sorry

    PoetEmily Demos

    Fly Angels Fly

    PoetTamara George

    We Are Everything

    PoetMatt Dindorf

    Last Sun Rising

    PoetPaola Van Hid


    PoetLarry Mahomes

    By Myself But Not Alone

    PoetMelissa Pettigrew

    The Log

    PoetCharliene Watson

    The Arsonist

    PoetAngela Beruldsen

    A Bird Without Wings

    PoetLing Li

    Incomparable Differences

    PoetMarissa Moss

    If You Dont Like Summer

    PoetSneha Khandavalli

    My Crazy Boyfriend & Stinky Po

    PoetNatalia Chudy

    The Dutchman's Pipe Cactus

    PoetAnthony Poole

    A Gentle Kiss For Depression

    PoetJulio Babasa

    Changes Of Autumn

    PoetStephen Miller

    Love By The Moonlight

    PoetDarla Harris

    I Am...

    PoetSavanah Grunwald


    PoetBoyd Levitt


    PoetLydia Cochran

    Shattered Limb

    PoetTammy Siddall

    Towards The Ledge

    PoetNoah Traeger

    Silence The Noise

    PoetCrystal Durachko

    Labor Day

    PoetHolly Sdoucos

    The Land Of Those Long Lost

    PoetNalani Rawson


    PoetTatiana Davis


    PoetStacie Wright

    The Lad That Became A Knight

    PoetJunious Madlock

    Trout On The Fly

    PoetShane Schilperoort

    I Want My Mom

    PoetMonica Hall

    My Dear Papa

    PoetMegan Neeley

    This Generation

    PoetReena Moreno


    PoetAmanda Smith

    Born To Die

    PoetNehemiah Burnett

    First Anniversary

    PoetHeidi Rasmussen

    My Pain

    PoetHolly Wannyn

    The Shadow Of My Love

    PoetTara Levert

    Normal Kills

    PoetAutumn Finley

    Who Am I

    PoetPatricia Howard

    To Whom I Admire

    PoetDestiney Boyd

    At First Sight

    PoetCamille Pierre-Louis


    PoetJonice Henderson

    The Fountain

    PoetStacie Jones

    Have You Ever?

    PoetJames Carter

    Summers End

    PoetTeri Baldwin


    PoetCaitlin Witt

    To Heaven You Go

    PoetStacy Toth

    My Promise To You

    PoetSaba Roshan

    Breath Of Life.

    PoetSomer Marzett


    PoetNatalie Dominguez


    PoetAssata Hall-Leonard


    PoetSarah Rosendahl

    A Girl Who Likes Me

    PoetGuang-an Wu

    In A Moment

    PoetDerek Schwartz

    Life Of A Gift

    PoetCharisma Schwarze

    I Wish I Could Believe You

    PoetAmanda Robbins


    PoetMelissa Priddy


    PoetLilly Emery


    PoetChristina Damers

    11 I's And 16 Ams

    PoetChristopher Rodriguez


    PoetKailey Littlejohn


    PoetDiane Marlowe


    PoetJessica Rosefield

    My Love Lost

    PoetMarquis Stewart


    PoetMaryn Plitt


    PoetTravice Lewallen

    I Loved You In Silence

    PoetK. P. Berry

    Angels And Humans

    PoetMelissa Corrigan