Beyond the Sea: Rhapsody


With a wonderful selection of poems written by some of today’s most talented amateur writers, each anthology contains poems that are funny, sad, religious, and profoundly unforgettable. Each publication encompasses a culturally diverse group of poets whose work has touched the hearts of readers far and wide. All publications are designed to capture the essence of today’s poetic genre. A complete index of poets and an International Standard Book Number unique to each edition are included.

Poems In This Collection

    As You Must

    PoetRebecca Morris

    Words from a Dead Man

    PoetSara Hernandez-Jaramillo


    PoetCarlyn Dale-Miller

    We Win

    PoetShannon Jones

    Anything but Human

    PoetDexann Plunkett


    PoetJeffrey Wilmot


    PoetWyatt Bush

    Elusive Desire

    PoetVeronica Bowman

    My Paradise

    PoetDarcie Jackson

    La Dame en Rouge

    PoetAndrien Devereaux

    Full and Empty

    PoetMichelle Holliday

    Ghostly Past

    PoetAshlee Knill

    An Empty Sweetness

    PoetEmily Cox

    Trees of Soldiers

    PoetSamantha Romine

    Through Saddened Eyes

    PoetHoward Cohen

    The Beast of Night

    PoetLynda Riedlinger

    The Void

    PoetBonnee Dullaard


    PoetSheena Bogart

    His Hands

    PoetBrittany Kalmakoff

    The Lion's Legacy

    PoetAyla Garner

    God Has Given Me

    PoetHeidi Gunkle

    The Big Picture

    PoetGabrielle Martin

    Play Ball

    PoetRenee Livingston

    6:17 A.M.

    PoetJames Peeples

    Rose of Sharon

    PoetJack Limper


    PoetCatherine Hickey

    Chasing a Dream

    PoetErin Decker

    The Sadness

    PoetCannon Few

    Only One

    PoetDani Canada

    Boogie Woogie Woman

    PoetCorinne Whitaker

    Will I or I Am

    PoetKristian Mason

    Math Poem

    PoetTamar Howell

    Little One, Pretty One

    PoetRita Harper


    PoetKeesha Morton

    Black Phoenix

    PoetDaylin George


    PoetMadison Corthell

    Sand and Dust

    PoetCourtney Miller

    Please Stay Here with Me


    Sonnet to One's Joyful Self

    PoetJames Hamner

    Family of Words

    PoetSelden Cummings

    Clouds Cry

    PoetMichaela Dotson

    Mrs. Briggs's Porcelain Logic

    PoetLandreth Everitt

    The Rose

    PoetRachel Cooper

    Air Force Airman

    PoetMorgan Satrom

    The Sound of Rain

    PoetAshly Buck


    PoetPatrick Steele

    Pure Pride

    PoetCedric Silverman

    Chasing Nocturnal Romance: Ode

    PoetMelissa Wilson

    Hopeless Nights

    PoetBrook Karmany