Beyond the Sea: Tranquility


With a wonderful selection of poems written by some of today’s most talented amateur writers, each anthology contains poems that are funny, sad, religious, and profoundly unforgettable. Each publication encompasses a culturally diverse group of poets whose work has touched the hearts of readers far and wide. All publications are designed to capture the essence of today’s poetic genre. A complete index of poets and an International Standard Book Number unique to each edition are included.

Poems In This Collection

    A Child's Pain

    PoetSkyler Tucker

    To Someone Needing Love

    PoetJoshua Harris


    PoetHolly Haney

    Footprints of the Heart

    PoetKatherine Hadjiyane

    My Prayer of Hope

    PoetVirginia VanDyke

    Our Patio

    PoetRachel McCreary


    PoetJohn Antol

    My Great Grandfather

    PoetGracie Rippen

    Hairy Legs and Sunny Days

    PoetJessica Cazes


    PoetDakota Kovach

    First Love

    PoetChristine Chabot

    Vague Ovations

    PoetLuke Engler

    All Consuming Silence

    PoetWilliam Sexton


    PoetAnna Byrne

    Christ's Love Is Precious

    PoetDeborah Turner

    The Raspberry

    PoetSamantha Latimore

    Remember Me

    PoetBobbi Mejia

    The City

    PoetElizabeth Bear

    Mailbox Lady

    PoetPeter Boadry

    What's Her Name?

    PoetTheodora Mays

    Having Asperger's Syndrome

    PoetPaula Andes


    PoetStephanie Drapeau

    A Place in the Sun

    PoetDwayne Ligon

    Brother, Let Me Cry for You

    PoetSavannah Aroyan


    PoetQuincy Sander

    A Beautiful Mind

    PoetMyrna Thomas

    Code Flags

    PoetRachel Gonzalez

    Fallen Leaves

    PoetHeidi Lamb


    PoetNiejal Knight

    Six Feet Under

    PoetVictoria Vena

    Little Girl

    PoetTrevor Walker

    God Is on My Side

    PoetPamela Kemp

    The Hourglass

    PoetJoshua Hymes

    Golden Sun

    PoetFrank Cuesta

    Weeping Desert Skies

    PoetGary Phillips

    In Search Of

    PoetJoy Roth

    The Gunner

    PoetDebbie Amirault Camelin

    The Grand Canyon

    PoetRay Campbell


    PoetAmethyst Rhiann

    A Beautiful Truth

    PoetLisha Moores

    Rebirth of Love

    PoetMadeline Garcia


    PoetLevie Isaacks


    PoetRobert Roman

    Where I Stay

    PoetChris Woody


    PoetNeha Sunil

    Story Time

    PoetSamantha Thayer

    I Am

    PoetJaylie Hicklin

    Sea Bird

    PoetDanielle Haupert

    I Want to Hold You

    PoetRandy Hale


    PoetPayton O'Hara


    PoetAdolfo Carvalho


    PoetFabiola Davila Ewing

    Diamond Sparkle

    PoetJames Horton

    The Flower of May

    PoetBilly Pierre

    Dear Self

    PoetTabitha Mewborn

    Gray Skies

    PoetAndrew Yates


    PoetVictor Arias

    Deep Inside

    PoetCaitlin Scudieri

    Heaven's New Angel

    PoetStacy Kok

    A Forever Summer

    PoetJesse Bear


    PoetChristina Pettenato

    Words of Wisdom

    PoetEve Carter

    You're My Love

    PoetRoger Gonzalez


    PoetJessica Redburn

    Whose Life Is This?

    PoetLaquita Winton

    The New York Homeless

    PoetEve Blohm

    The Lot Where We Meet

    PoetSabryna Morales

    Truth and Lies

    PoetChase Sparks

    Catalyst of Sin

    PoetJade Liggett

    Unanswered Prayer

    PoetDorothy Tull

    Miles Away

    PoetRowelyn Erese

    Pink Strong

    PoetManolya Martin

    To Mommy

    PoetRobert Barton

    The Fight

    PoetBashee Turner

    A Veteran's Loss

    PoetBerry Robinson


    PoetSophia Jacobs

    These Kids of Mine

    PoetCristina Marie Ward

    Always Faithful

    PoetPaul Lopez

    The Thinker

    PoetJon Webster

    At the Moment

    PoetTara Mobaraki

    Your Creation

    PoetAnita Blakeney

    For You

    PoetAngie Cambron