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Heart Of My Nation Collection


A collection of poetry that emphasis on the beauty, pride, power, or pain of the African American experience in America. Topics range from opinions on the modernistic mentality of the 20th century African American, the problems that plague the African American community, racism and police brutality, the strength and accomplishments of the Black race, pride and love in our roots, and critical analysis on the magnitude of slavery.
Poems DO NOT only have to be about African Americans, it must about an expression of pride, progression, or concerns of one's own "race" and the many obstacles it has overcome; whether it be Latino, African, European, or Asian. "All power to the people" means Black power to Black people, White power to White people, Ect.
Delve into the heart of your nation, and express an introspective critique and acknowledgement of racial identity and it's impact on your life.

Poems In This Collection

    • Trials Of Justice

      PoetAntoinette Van Sluytman

      • 400

        PoetAntoinette Van Sluytman

        • Forbidden Love

          PoetAntoinette Van Sluytman