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Nightly Ponderings

Owner: Catherine Bell


Nightly Ponderings contains a number of poems based off of thoughts I have had as I have drifted off to sleep. They tend to be slightly whimsical in nature. These poems have brought me a light-hearted joy as I wove them together, mostly in a half-asleep brain so that I would not forget them the next morning. And as I typically was half-asleep when these poems first came to me, they lean heavily towards the "night" theme as the title would suggest.

Poems In This Collection

    • Loving Embrace

      PoetCatherine Bell

      • My Soul Secured

        PoetCatherine Bell

        • White Noise Dreaming

          PoetCatherine Bell

          • Wandering Soul

            PoetCatherine Bell

            • Night Time

              PoetCatherine Bell