Suicide Partners

Owner: Aaliyah Qualls


This collection is merely one that any one, of any age, may join. It is to represent the seasons of the year, whether the season is mentioned once or having a theme setting in that season. For example, you may not come straight forward with the season or even mention it at all, but you give some sort of hint to that season: "I had smelled the familiar smell of pumpkin spice, a smell that only comes once a year..." In this example, I hadn't specifically mentioned that it was during fall, but you got the hint from the key word-"Pumpkin" There are really no specific rules for this collection, just the fact that I wish for your poem to be related to a season. (Your poem does not have to be a rhyme, it may be free verse or even a short story.)

Poems In This Collection

    • The Falling of a Father

      Poetmariah gerard

      • Rosewater

        Poetmariah gerard

        • Sea of Dreams

          Poetmariah gerard

          • Gentle is Thee Part l

            PoetAaliyah Qualls