Where the Mind Dwells: Consolation


With a wonderful selection of poems written by some of today’s most talented amateur writers, each anthology contains poems that are funny, sad, religious, and profoundly unforgettable. Each publication encompasses a culturally diverse group of poets whose work has touched the hearts of readers far and wide. All publications are designed to capture the essence of today’s poetic genre. A complete index of poets and an International Standard Book Number unique to each edition are included.

Poems In This Collection

    Listen to the Fire

    PoetJames Barron

    My Serenity

    PoetDarline Patman

    Your Delusion

    PoetDustin Goodrich

    Love Starts in the Heart

    PoetRobert Saltzman

    Is There a Place for Me?

    PoetChristopher Kronyak


    PoetEthan Walker


    PoetKathryn Capizzi

    The Alabaster Halls

    PoetMelissa Barriault

    Love Is

    PoetMatthew VanDeburgh

    I Shall Call You Mommy

    PoetShannon Gardella

    Whispers of the Wind

    PoetBrenda Williams

    Either Or

    PoetJeff Phaeous

    Butterflies and Apple Pies

    PoetBrandon Tryon

    Late December Nights

    PoetKatie Lutterschmidt

    How Silence Sounds

    PoetJulia Afsary

    Inside My Mind

    PoetHannah Ziegler


    PoetLindsey Knuth

    Urban Pray

    PoetDavid Jones


    PoetMinass Richani

    Rainbow of the Night

    PoetVerina Hanien

    O Soldier

    PoetSusham Sood

    Last String of Hope

    PoetClinton Jones

    He Is Beautiful

    PoetKyra Derington


    PoetBrian Sharp

    Ancient Holiday

    PoetCaitlin Beck


    PoetJessica Schmid

    The Man in the Woods

    PoetAustin Luisi

    It Has A Morbid Heart

    PoetGarisha Goodman

    One Summer Night

    PoetLisa Dupler

    Plaintive Shores

    PoetJason Krause


    PoetKaitlin Drake

    10,000 Dollars

    PoetJoshua Lester

    24 Hours of Memory

    PoetLaura Thibodeaux

    What Is Death?

    PoetBethany Reno

    Love Is

    PoetRachel Gifford


    PoetKirandeep Khella

    Cancer Diagnosis Upon Me

    PoetTim Davis

    Oh Brothers

    PoetMaya Sherlick


    PoetKat Priem


    PoetLexi Riggs

    almost home

    PoetVernon Waring

    Count Your Blessings

    PoetVal Fay

    The Fiddle

    PoetBarbara Wilkerson

    GQ Man

    PoetRhonda Voigts

    A Father's Gift

    PoetMonty Etter


    PoetHanna Apperson

    The Forgotten

    PoetEmma Lopes

    Born a Girl

    PoetChristopher Williams

    Beach Memories

    PoetElya-Destiny Wren

    Black Roses

    PoetJoshua Blaker


    PoetSophie Smith


    PoetClara Martin

    What Remains

    PoetJudith Richardson

    My Feeble Mind

    PoetLuke Morgan


    PoetPaula Powell

    Ballad of a Rainbow

    PoetWestin Shehi

    The Taste of the Sea

    PoetCassandra Harrison

    Swimming Through Sidewalks

    PoetMarissa Gasper

    A Party

    PoetEmma Vonbecker


    PoetCory Simpson

    No Hiding

    PoetDestiny Downing


    PoetChristina Bartish

    Reckless Danger Zone

    PoetTaylor Perry

    Organic Soul

    PoetAbeer Anwar

    On Life and the Human Soul

    PoetSeth Williams

    The Honeybee Unlocks the Universe

    PoetPayton Sullivan

    Mother May I

    PoetSam Schindler

    The Day Constant

    PoetAngelia Buckingham

    The Inevitable Onset of Sleep

    PoetLeily Farman-Farmaian

    Fate and the Furies

    PoetDespina Fassuliotis

    Cat Laughs

    PoetAngelica Drobny

    Finding Arianna

    PoetRobert Long

    Broken Inside

    PoetApril Newland

    Forged by Vimy

    PoetKeenan Milne-Turner

    Sweet Sunset

    PoetAlondra Esparza


    PoetMalak Hamdan

    The Paradox Lies Within

    PoetSwati Mishra

    Midnight Forest

    PoetJoshua Popoff

    Numb Feeling

    PoetMae Cannon

    Seeing What It Seems

    PoetJolynn Nyquist

    Agony of Winter

    PoetDanielle Hilt

    Can I Call You Love?

    PoetBlu McMichael

    Hymn of 1918

    PoetSara Codd


    PoetLaura Callihan

    Life Means

    PoetMarquita Williams

    Look Into My Eyes

    PoetCorey Minter

    Wind Dancer

    PoetJesse Clark

    Unnoticed: An Ember in the Wind

    PoetSammriddha Shrestha


    PoetLinda Fisher


    PoetClaudia Strelocke

    The Rose

    PoetAnna Shepard

    Storm and Strife

    PoetWilliam Cooke

    Justice: A Dying Human Service

    PoetSilas Abayomi

    Fire in the Night

    PoetMargaret Westmoreland

    I'll Stand By You

    PoetKristina Griffith

    When I Drink

    PoetSara Martin

    A Moment in Time

    PoetHeather Thorpe

    Beyond Trice

    PoetRobert Bulger

    Social Media

    PoetMatthew Elliott


    PoetTyler Henlotter


    PoetKristen Bennett


    PoetKaleb Bruce

    Ode to Love

    PoetRobert Nacke

    You Ask What I See?

    PoetPerry Berlin

    Freedom for All

    PoetSumil Nair


    PoetChristina Pope

    Captive Grace

    PoetKyra Frederick

    The Hooves

    PoetFrank George IV

    I'm Sorry

    PoetLeona Slagle


    PoetKeilee Cruz

    I Remember

    PoetMark Larson

    A Light in the Darkness

    PoetWyatt Boothe

    United States of America

    PoetJean Henry

    Baby Cry

    PoetJerry Ray


    PoetEden Ryan

    An App

    PoetAnna Kiley


    PoetDevin Dunkelberg

    The Real World

    PoetLeah Nix

    Look Around You

    PoetGrace Allred

    The Clock

    PoetDavid Bracken

    Arbor Drive

    PoetCarlos Garcia


    PoetDestini Preisler