Where the Mind Dwells: Meditation


With a wonderful selection of poems written by some of today’s most talented amateur writers, each anthology contains poems that are funny, sad, religious, and profoundly unforgettable. Each publication encompasses a culturally diverse group of poets whose work has touched the hearts of readers far and wide. All publications are designed to capture the essence of today’s poetic genre. A complete index of poets and an International Standard Book Number unique to each edition are included.

Poems In This Collection

    Taking Chances

    PoetJake Short


    PoetHailey Bickley

    An Author at Work

    PoetHannah Proenza

    Broken Ribs

    PoetDestiny Ellis

    The Lord Almighty!

    PoetAnn Hong


    PoetKatie Liu

    The Gift

    PoetMaria Colon

    Midnight Dream

    PoetAaliyah Jones

    Ode to the Moon

    PoetKiana Hebenstreit

    To Grayson Bofman

    PoetAdamross Gaines

    Your Self

    PoetCorinna Goodmanson


    PoetMatthew Rogers

    Silent Winter Night

    PoetKathleen Raby

    Enlightening Intimations

    PoetBrian Nibley


    PoetEkemini Nkanta


    PoetGeorge Case

    Misgiuded Desires

    PoetMatthew Yanke

    The Process of Life

    PoetChristian Lance

    The Homeless One

    PoetJames Sinclair

    Born in a Questionable World

    PoetAbel Gutierrez


    PoetHaiden Pederson

    Autumn Umbrage

    PoetDaniel Priest

    What Am I?

    PoetRyan Baker

    American Soldier

    PoetCarin Sendra

    Loss of Innocence

    PoetAmanda Wade

    Dandelion Fancy

    PoetSusan Liebl

    My Little King

    PoetMercedes Troutman


    PoetAmeliassandra Allen


    PoetCarlton Gray

    For All

    PoetAlina Zeng

    The Elements

    PoetAlexia Warren

    The One

    PoetAndrea Rose Brunetto


    PoetHunter Cooley

    A New Day

    PoetScott Sisti

    Spinless Future

    PoetMcKenna Lynn

    In Solitude

    PoetMichelle Strauch

    Things We Knew

    PoetAlexandra Smith

    Of Squirrels and Men

    PoetLewis Williams


    PoetEthan Hansen

    Dark Happiness

    PoetHeather Yung

    On Vegetarianism

    PoetAlyssa McGinnis

    Trouble at My Job

    PoetEdwin De Smith

    The Caged Nightingale

    PoetKatie Miller

    If I Shut My Eyes to Listen

    PoetDavid Saperstein

    Melanin Identity

    PoetJared White

    Happy Times Are Coming

    PoetCrystal Barnhardt

    Figuring Out It's Love

    PoetDottie Fry

    Sometimes, in the Car

    PoetEva Evans

    Existential Biology

    PoetIsabelle Bauman

    Whispers of the Damned

    PoetCheyenne DeRosier

    Should I

    PoetCraig Cornish


    PoetRobert Carlson

    Starr: "A Tribute of Love"

    PoetSandra Shouse

    Through My Eyes

    PoetMadelynn Cadwell


    PoetSuchetana Mukherjee

    Cold Little Night

    PoetAva Dunlavy

    Drowning in Fire

    PoetGreg Hunter

    Seasonal Employment

    PoetCheree Scott


    PoetKirstin Yeomans

    4 Years

    PoetJoy Bishop

    Line of Art

    PoetMary Ann Biddinger

    To Whom Shall I Be Introduced?

    PoetMustapha Akhoullou

    Forever Striving

    PoetGrant Clark

    The Elephant

    PoetKrislynn Casebolt

    Letting Go

    PoetBrianna Dunn


    PoetTianna Fuller


    PoetRaven Thomas

    Blood on the Water

    PoetElise Paddock

    A Shallow World

    PoetTrent Ruby

    Pale Light

    PoetAnthony Tull

    Curiosity Kills

    PoetHannah Santiago

    Was I Enough?

    PoetPhilip Whittlesey V

    Roots and Wings

    PoetDeborah Viebrock

    The World

    PoetStephanie Leib

    Rest in Bliss

    PoetMatthew Edenfield

    Unforgotten Mission

    PoetSheila Macias

    Universal Meaning

    PoetChristian Van Steeter

    A Song

    PoetPatsy Williams

    Sweet Lover

    PoetValeria Guzman


    PoetBrandon Whittington

    Rainy Day Love Note

    PoetKarrin Letcher

    Butterflies in the Garden

    PoetAshley Barth

    Oh How Wonderful You Are

    PoetLeah Jimenez

    The Reality of the Fight

    PoetKelsey Farris

    Bleeding Heart

    PoetShana Conroy

    Emotionless Mask

    PoetLara Rulloda

    Just in Case

    PoetShoola Oyindamola

    Dawn of a New Day

    PoetPriscilla Luke

    Memories Painted Thick

    PoetJonathan Murray

    This Poem

    PoetSarah Helm

    State of Grace

    PoetGabriel White

    No Doubt

    PoetDelmarice Donald

    My Purpose

    PoetNagee Goodman

    Broken Solitude

    PoetGabrielle Campbell

    Green Eyes

    PoetMyriah Young

    At Night

    PoetLaurie Goyen

    This City, Your Daughter

    PoetTasneem Keshk

    Children of Spring

    PoetBenjamin Tartaglia


    PoetNathan McCollim

    Heaven at Long Last

    PoetCarol Harris


    PoetSarah Zeray

    Mustang Shadows

    PoetStephen Umfleet

    Silent Symphony

    PoetJake Cui

    My Heart Feels

    PoetGhita Miller

    Because We Can

    PoetKasharah Wainwright

    The Horrors

    PoetMorghan Livingston

    Perfect Love

    PoetChristopher Wiley Jr.

    I Love the Way

    PoetCandy Ramsdell

    She Is

    PoetChristopher Vautour

    In a Distance

    PoetMarynell Lund

    Sing Dirges for Home

    PoetGregory Nichols

    The Wings of Suicide

    PoetMckenzie Miller


    PoetEdith Clemm

    Journey on One Foot

    PoetKaitlyn Millar

    Death Doctor

    PoetHarinder Ghuman

    "I Am," the Light of the World

    PoetDr. Jerry Gilbert Sr.

    For the Bridegroom

    PoetRegina Elliott


    PoetAlicia Williams

    Provoked Unintentional

    PoetInas Sharif

    My Favorite Things

    PoetKatelin Allen

    Meeting with the Devil

    PoetKearston Neill

    A Gathering of Treasures

    PoetGregory Tate

    Moles Behind the Mask of a Mole

    PoetClayton Hamilton

    Mother's Day

    PoetSarah Witalec

    Swine to Saviors

    PoetKatie Penwell