Zindgi ki Pahchan

Owner: vipin singhal


I wrote this poem when i felt people's feeling in a hospital, because as you know a person's life start in a hospital & complete in a hospital when he birth.i was donating blood for 3 years child, that time i saw situation of human life, because i can't believe that a 3 yrs child was suffering by brain cancer.but nobody have time to donate blood for him, even i saw more than 60% cancer patient's age is less then 5 yrs. i was surprised. and when we come outside from hospital,we waste our time only for money. This poem is related to life of every person, we forget ourself and our relation because of our business in our life. so i am trying to tell everybody that why are we losing our relations and why do we not have any value of our heart feelings & relations? many people think that life is just like a business or game , just play and win, there is no value of any person's feeling & relation. nobody have time for him & others, they always think about work & culture.that's it.they never think about theirselves & others because of business in work . so guys if you like then please let me know, i will try to update more lines in this poem .. Thanks Vipin Singhal

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