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Merton Pajibo is a mixture of both Sarpo and Kru ethnic backgrounds from Sinoe County, Liberia. He is a father of five children: Secret Lincoln, Evelyn Lincoln, Dekonte Pajibo, Yaa Pajibo and Merton Pajibo, jr. He was born in Monrovia, Liberia. Merton Pajibo, migrated to the USA in 1980. He attended John Marshall high school in Richmond, Virginia and played on the school's football team, Wrestling team, Soccer team, ran outdoor track and participated in the school's forensic club. After high school, Merton was offered numerous scholarships to attend various colleges, but he chose North Carolina State University Wolf Pack. Due to financial struggles, he encountered in 1992 after the death of his father, he took a break from school to work. He joined the Unites States Marines Corps and had the option to tour various countries. Merton Pajibo, returned to North Carolina State University and completed his BS degree in Biological Science. In 2005 Merton Pajibo enrolled at North Carolina Central University and earned his master’s degree in Synthetic Organic Chemistry. In 2013 Merton Pajibo went on a teaching voyage to China, Japan, Macua, India and many more. Upon his returned from overseas, Merton Pajibo decided to give back to his community by teaching Physics and Chemistry to high school students around the world due to the influenced of his middle school teachers, Ms. Julia Wiggin and Addie Jones from Henderson Middle School in Richmond, Virginia. In the past, he taught at Maanshan , Appoquimint, Middletown, Mckean, and Aspira Academy High School. While working at ASPIRA High School Merton Pajibo obtained a teaching certificate in Education from Relay University. In the past, Merton Pajibo worked as a Research Chemist/Biologist for Glaxo, Burls Welcome, Alpharma, Revlon, North Carolina University, Lab Corp and Research Triangle Institute. Merton Pajibo is a Marines Corp veteran and does volunteer services with Going Place, United States Marines Tot for Tot Foundation, Totu Foundation For Education and Development and United Sarpo Association. During leisure time, Merton Pajibo likes to travel to other countries, learn about their culture and encourage the younger generation to strive for excellence. Merton Pajibo has since then returned to Liberia.

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