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Ross Mitchell
Miami,FL,United States


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I am from Miami, Florida and have written poems throughout my life. Some more prolific than others. Since we all have been locked up in our own induced prison for awhile, i thought it was about time, since i have so much of it now, to gather all my writings and share my life with you all. Topics that i cover will be, "Mother Nature" "life" "Friendships" "Love" and "Some stories and Thoughts" along with some Haiku, Tanka, and limericks. I have loved art all my life, especially photography and graphic art (my profession, love designing logos and studied at the art institute of Ft. Lauderdale) and ceramics. In high school i won a national award for one of my ceramic vases. I have gone through many rough waters in my life, which one of us hasn't,? which you will read about in my poetry. I fantasy roll play, play card games especially Poker, and i like board games. You are welcome to follow me on Facebook if you are so inclined to snoop through my pictures and my life. https://www.facebook.com/mitchell.abrahams.77 or for my poetry page "Me Myself & i" fb.me/mrapook I also belong the the "AllPoetry.com" website. Hope you enjoy my poems

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