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Sammriddha Shrestha
Highlands Ranch,CO,United States


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    Now where are my manners? Let me introduce myself. My name is Sammriddha (Samu, as most people call me) Shrestha and I was born in Nepal in 2003. I’m a young and budding designer, developer, and engineer who’s taking the current standards of media to the next level of epic. I’ve always been interested in technology since the day I met the U.S soil. At age 6 I was known as a computer wizard by my friends and family, yet all I could do was use a computer as a normal human being would. But now, as I have progressed to my current teenage years, I have changed extravagantly. Once I had my own PC, my life took a huge turn, for the worse or the better, time will tell. Currently, I know around 8 computer languages (Fluent in Java, JavaScript, and ActionScript), am able to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create stunning graphics, and use 3D modeling tools such as 3Ds Max and Blender to create jaw-dropping 3D Renders. From the time I was a young little lad at age 8, I was fascinated at how we could use applications known as "web browsers" to connect to web sites over a magical network called the "internet", and all of that jazz, so I decided to start learning about web development. I learned HTML, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery to create this site: xSam108x (Sorry if the site is a bit buggy, I created it when I was 8 after all). Now, in the past few years and currently, I have delved within the science of Video Games as all children wish to do. I decided to use Java at the start because of its balance between ease of use and compatibility. I used the LibGDX library to kick start my development and created a few enjoyable games. Yet I wasn’t done yet, I craved for more. So I decided to learn C# so I could use the Unity Game Engine. The transfer wasn’t hard as the two languages were similar in many aspects. I had blubber loads of fun (Is that even possible?) with making games in Unity and such, but then I started to get serious. I wanted to start a studio like all the big kids. Now I'm in a Gifted and Talented classroom, so my friends aren't the type of kids that only love to play games and listen to music, they make these kinds of things. So I summoned my two bestest of friends, luckily one a digital music producer and one a creative and social wonder (Can literally make friends with anyone, ranging from animals to computers and everything in-between), and we decided to start a studio that goes by the name of Okuru (Fancy Japanese word that means to send or to collect).

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