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Julie Rasley
Kulpmont, PA, United States


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I am a 35-year-old mother of a beautiful four-yr-old daughter named Madison Joy and alot of my recent poetry comes from inspiration that lives through her happy-going personality and wonderful qualities. In addition, my sole supporter is my beloved husband and best-friend Woody who has been there every step of the way and has always encouraged me to follow my dreams. I am deeply indebted to him for that and love him with every beat of my heart down to the pit of my soul. I have a bacholor of arts degree in social welfare and was a case manager for the elderly, battered women, and welfare clients for six years until i suffered burn-out and then realized that it was not the job i wanted. I write alot of poetry in my spare time and enjoy putting my feelings and real life experiences into words! I guess you can say I am an amateur poet that wants to get my poems out there and hopefully some day get them published. However, my ulitimate goal is for my poetry to inspire and motivate people to want better for themselves! Life is a series of awakenings and epiphanies and when one finally realizes that, they really start living instead of going through the motions! I have a new lease on life since i turned 35 in December (call it a mid-life crisis, awakening, whatever you want to call it) and have been really living so as not to have any regrets! Life is what you make it; go out there and ask for what you want and never complain if you don't take risks! Don't get down on yourself EVER or hold grudges against anyone because that is just a waste of precious, valuable time! Life is too short! And above all, NEVER worry about things that you cannot control! As a great poet once said, "Hold fast to dreams for when dreams die, life is a brokened-wing bird that cannot fly." Hopefully, that is the exact quote, I tried! :-) If interested in more of my poetry, visit my website, www.jandwpoetryofinspiration.com. Hope you like what you read!

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