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Melanie Russell
Jacksonville,FL,United States


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    My name is Melanie and I am a mother of two living and a total of six children. In 96-97 I lost four of my precious children due to prematurity. I have used this as a source of strength in allowing me to speak to others who have suffered loss of the same. God has used this as a reminder to me that he is the way the truth and the life. He allowed me to be adopted by a wonderful woman and to allow me to be blessed with knowing that someday I would be able to repay her for the love and strength that she has given to me. And blessing me he did. In December of 2013 my mom suffered a triple bypass and many complications. However, God chose to allow me to take care of her in much the same manner that she took care of me. By the grace of God my mom (Pat Perry) is still here for me to love and cherish. Thank you mom for your love and undying spirit. Because of mom and my faithful father, I am a blessed mother to two girls age 20-22. Both of them are daughters to a loving father to the Jacksonville sheriff's office. My life overflows with love and appreciation for the life and strength of each of these individuals. Without them and the faith of Jesus Christ, life would mean nothing. Thank you all for reminding me of how precious and fulfilling life is, and how blessed I am to be part of it.

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