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David Parsley
Azusa,CA,United States


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    Born to William Harlan and Shirley Arlene Parsley in Columbus, Ohio, USA, on April 3, 1958. Married Joan Ellinore Waite on July 4, 1976. Children: Guenever and Adam. Grandchild: Lily. After working low-skill labor jobs for a while, began college education as an English major at the University of Utah, thanks to a generous scholarship from the Snow-Angleman Foundation. Sometime in my sophomore year, I changed major and graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, with a minor in Mathematics and nearly qualifying for a minor in Physics. I completed a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering a few years later at the same institution. Later still, I obtained Certificate in Astronautical Engineering from the Extension School of the University of California at Los Angeles, a program in which I now currently teach part time. The most comprehensive collection of my work to date can be found at PoetryMagnumOpus.com. My chosen profession was not just a matter of practicality, though that was certainly an influence, as the principal bread-winner in a family with two children. But I also have always had a variety of interests ranging from science and technology, to literature, art, and philosophy, not to mention theology and history. I simply needed to have the adventure of science and technology as one of the principal thrusts of my life and career. An early inspirant of the American space program in the 1960s, I have been privileged to make significant contributions to space launch and on-orbit systems for use in scientific inquiry as well as in missile defense (harboring deep-seated belligerence toward weapons of mass destruction.) Relevant science programs: Titan IV launch vehicle (booster for Cassini Mission to Saturn); NPP/Joint Polar Satellite System for NASA and NOAA; James Webb Space Telescope; and others. I hold three US patents and am a contributing author to the standard textbook, "Space Mission Engineering: The New SMAD, revision 4." I currently work as director of engineering at a major aerospace company in southern California. My inclination to write creatively was greatly enhanced by the opportunity to train under gifted high school teachers, most notably J.A. Christensen and Joseph Bowman, PhD. In college, I studied under Professors Richard Schramm, Franklin Fisher, and Henry Webb. Winner of the Utah High School Literary competition, I came to the attention of the virtual Utah first lady of poetry, Kathryn Kay, who took it upon herself to guide my early literary career, introducing me to members of the Utah literati who likewise took interest in me. Among them I am obliged to mention Clarence Socwell, Dorothy Harper, LeRoy Meagher, Helen and "Ernie" Cook, Randall Hall, Dr. Max Golightly, and Dr. Veneta Nielsen. During this time, I won top awards from the Academy of American Poets, National Federation of State Poetry Societies, L. Paul Roberts Poetry Foundation, Veneta Nielsen Humanities Award, and Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts. My literary endeavors experienced a long lull, with only the occasional production of a poem. A twenty year interval was completely filled with family, work, church, and presidency of a home owner association. Over the last several years, it has become apparent that I can no longer neglect my literary aspirations and need to express myself through poetry and drama. I have resumed writing, reading publicly in the Rattle Reading Series (see Poetry.LA for recording) and the Moonday series. Most recently I have participated at the invitation of a national online community poetry project titled, "Lament for the Dead," contributing the July 24th entry. Publication in Eber & Wein's 2015 anthology, "Beyond the Sea: Golden Sands," is a recent part of my journey back to the literary scene.

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