Sarah Gilley
Edgewood, MD, United States


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My name is Sarah K. Gilley. Throughout my life, I have discovered that keeping a notebook close at hand is highly therapeutic. Everyone, at some point in life, faces some sort of trauma or hardship. I have found that expressing myself through words and emotions onto paper can somewhat release my pain, simply be a stamp of a milestone accomplished, or help me deal with unsatisfied urges or thoughts. It is incredible to me, how harmless " writing it all out" seems to be, just don't let your notebook fall into the wrong hands because some just may believe you to be psychotically insane. It is my true belief and great pleasure to share my poetry with you, in hopes that you may relate and be able to cope with whatever issue you may be facing or whatever wall you cannot seem to jump. So carry on, and believe in yourself. Through writing things down, you cannot go wrong. With Love, Beauty, & Best Regards, Sarah K. Gilley January. 15, 2017

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