Saachi Rajiv Devnani
Dubai, Dubai, AE


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I’ve carried the label of being sensitive, emotional and the dreamy type finding solace in my imaginative world not allowing anyone a glimpse of it. The sentiments were jailed in a personal diary forming poetry and quotes which I finally decided to reveal through social media and my recently published book called “Thoughts That Set Me Free”. Other than writing I’m in love with arts and crafts from my childhood where I’d surround myself with colors because they kept me joyful. It was kind of therapeutic to see the outcome. An unrelated subject which excites me is ‘numbers’, as I enjoyed being an analyst working on budgets and reports while I had a job. After being hired for over 10 years I gave up my employment status to be a full time mom to my toddler simultaneously focusing on smaller personal projects and re-gaining my inner peace through yoga.

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