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    I own a A.B.C. Glass Co. in Monterey Ca, I have a U.S. Pat. Aug.1996 they cost $50 to make sale for $360 (I) was tested for my I.Q. in 1971 it was 151 they call that GIFTED now days (EYE) have 3 kids they are named after Jesus Christ (a man that walked Mother Earth) my are all J.C. 3 grand Kids they all have a widow peak hair line my Blood line my Egyptian Gypsy Blood known as a Warlock.,.Wizard.,.Werewolf.,.because ( i ) have one green (eye) one brown (EYE) (I ) live in a Penthouse worth $1.3 million ( i) bought a house from my Great Grandfather at 17 years old at the age oF 26 ( I ) wonned 26 homes ( EYE ) am in the book oF WHO"S WHO ( 1996 ) ( eye ) collect old cars (i) own a 1938 De Soto wroth $25,000 (EYE) worked on the Monterey Bay Aquarium $1000 dollars a hour for 2 day they had a leak I'm the reason they can keep a Great White Shark in captivity they had a great white shark in the shark tank they ask me if (eye ) go into the water with him (i) said EYE AM not afraid oF any man or Beast I called the Great White Shark Marlin he keep hitting the wall ( i ) told the Shark Biologist it was because the salt water & the Steel in the concrete makes low voltage current White shark can feel the Electoral current that your Heart puts out when you show fear it makes them attack there bones are made oF cartilage .,.do you remember dragging your feet on new carpet then touching someone on the ear it shocked the HELL out oF them., So the NEW Shark Tank is well Ground the only one in the world EYE AM DYSLEXIC so when I type fast I use CAP.s it's a MYSTERY WHY it;s a .,.very.,.Very.,.VERY Old school style oF writing called SHOUTING John Lenin used it when he wrote music it were ewe use CAP.s as punctuation now days young Rapper use this style when they write music they ask me how do eye do it they want to copy my style i tell them good luck (i) am a poet at All Poetry dot com POET Rick Cow been writing poetry for a year i had a stroke July 10 2016 after that I had the desire for poetry it gives me PASSION & COMPASSION A PROFOUND LIFE I've been shot 3 time stabbed 3 time Die 3 times had 3 stroke been to Heaven 3 times have 3 kids have 3 grand kids EYE AM 83% disable % >>>>;;J = MAN % >;;J = WOMAN we are FISHES in GOD"S River oF LIFE in 1997 I Died & went to the TUNNEL with LIGHT at the other END GOD"S voice said don't go into the LIGHT RICK ( I ) just wanted to talk to you you can ask me any Question and EYE will tell ewe the ANSWER ??? so I asked GOD a Question there "' NO "' answer to ( If math is the universal LANGUE how do you ask for HELP?? ) GOD"S voice said let me ponder this then GOD said the answer you seek is ( 911 ) GOD said RICK look at the FLAMING BOOK behind you so I did he said it has your name in it I MADE YOU A UNIQUE KINDA MAN A SAGE so EYE grab the book and pulled closer to meDOD said didn't you think the book would BURNYOU eye said no GOD if it was gotng to hurt me you would oF told me not to touch it eye heard oF the BURNING BUSH that didn't burn fire that fell from the SKY but didn't harm the ones that BELIEVED in you had Faith.,. GOD said hey RICK do you want to see my Hand give me a few min.s then 17 years later I was cruzing the WWW for something to read & I came across this ( THE HAND oF GOD as seen by N.A.S.A. in deep Space ) so eye clicked on it eye new it was meant for me too see the picture pop up it was the hand oF GOD & it was waving at me I rubbed my EYES and read this a group oF STARS that SUPER NOVA look it up you will see the HAND oF GOD he never left.,.,My Formula for GOD T o poet aprina.14 your poem ( Big. Small. And Everthing in Between this is a DEEP POEM eye read it at are poetry group and left you a message did you read it??? is this the Answer ewe where looking "' FOR " your Formula X + X-er x X-est = ??? A.K.A. GOD X = we are all mad from STARDUST in GOD"s image X-er = The Big Bang Theory A.K.A. GOD.,. , out oF the DARKNESS step the LIGHT., .X-est = Mother Earth magic Spinning Carousel oF LIFE .,. it has it's Ups & Downs GOD's River oF LIFE does have Water Falls Water Fall ???.,., DEATH Water Fall ???.,. War Water Fall???.,.Drug Abuse Water Fall ???.,.Finding GOD.,. it makes EWE "' RICH "' % >>>;;Jesus = GOD % >>;;J = MAN % >;;J = Woman

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