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    -Liberal Arts Major! CCM '18/'19 -Pursuing Vertebrae Paleo. and Geology Montclair '19/'20 -19 years of age I have been creating works of literature my entire life. My first poem was published into a nationwide poetry book when I was in fourth grade. I have had two short story/poems published in my high-school's literay magazine for two years straight (2015 & 2016). I am getting two poems published in the Promethean CCM Literary Magazine in the Spring semester of 2017. The main poet that inspires my works is Edgar Allan Poe. Although his work revolves around macabre/mystery and horror, he has inspired the way I write emotionally fueled poems or stories, as well as helping me create the perfect horror story. His 'dry' sarcasm was highly disliked by many during the 1800s, as humor was 'ridiculous', until Abraham Lincoln's 'dry' sense of self-humor came into view as his popularity grew and became president. The way Edgar Allan Poe can make a man 'choke on an an olive", die, and then defeat the Devil at a game of poker is hilarious yet such a great insight of his humor and somewhat 'upbeat' pieces of writing. My humor is very dry (in my opinion) and I think this side of Poe is hilarious and interesting to research and share with others! I have always been scared of showing my poems and stories to others. I was scared that they would steal them and claim them as their own. I've outgrown that somewhat, as I am still skeptical, but I thrust my writing forward, as I always secretly wanted others to view my work. I am very hard on myself, and having others critique it is so helpful and educational.

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