A Caged-In Asian

I am a caged-in Asian.
locked in my room -- but I see the news...
it's doom and gloom
mixed with ​COVID blues.
taught to stay silent even when I was confused
I am a caged-in Asian.
raised in a haze, taught to love god's rage
but not to understand the hate on my Twitter page?
the only thing that matters is getting good grades,
hopefully, get a job I might hate but get paid.
born in the state where the gates are golden,
in a country where people were bought and sold in...
but now I see a new strain of hate has rolled in
-- my blood came from the islands
but my brain is frozen
I am a caged-in Asian.
raised with a fear to speak outside of education
now I see my people falling to discrimination.
my parents flew from poverty
and raced for immigration
and still race away from racial confrontation
-- I speak my mind in silence
with zero expectation
I am a caged-in Asian.

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