A New Perspective

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Attributing nothing to self as I relish this day,
grateful to GOD as I make my way.
I didn’t arrive at this point all by myself,
so many have sojourned and provided me help.

Accomplishments achieved yet credits renounced,
acknowledging firm shoulders I stood on,
which never wavered or bounced.

Pioneers blazed a path,
their stories untold,
this mystery in my life shall now unfold.

Paying homage to mentors as my life turns to gray,
honorable mention to you all before I reach the end of my stay.
The choice was mine a dream to fulfill,
the power became mine to assert my will.

Bragging rights,
who gave you the right?
You've done nothing of self without assistance in HIS sight.

GOD made a way,
and so did they.
To GOD be the glory,
now you know the full story.


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