I meet something for the first time,
I'm a bit skeptical, 'Who are you ?"
Slowly I start to accept you.
We become neutral. Just okay.
You keep me happy and interested.
I want know more,
It's just a bit of innocent curiosity.

But you see nothing ever seems enough.
I'm never satisfied, always thirsty.
I want more and more and more.
It seems I'm so dependent on you.
I can't seem to function without you.
I catch myself and say "STOP"
"Stop before it's too late".
But it already is.

My body and my mind are not synchronized.
Ironically, my mind can't control my body,
because it seems to have a mind of it's own.
A demon that's always hungry and never satisfied.
Trying to stop is equivalent to stopping breathing.
So I just give into the dangerous pleasure.
Someone said, violent delights have violent ends.

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