Inferno sands, grasses green,
Sapphire oceans, beautiful scene,
Diverse wildlife, good is key,
Corrupt men come, shattered harmony.

Spreading darkness, clouds of gas,
Flowing vile tar, infinite mass,
Crisp, burnt, ruins, all their fault,
Grey, grey, greyer, jungles of asphalt.

Lingering darkness, howling winds,
Sickening crunches, plaguing begins,
Say ‘Goodbye love’, ‘Hello pain’,
Those who hid are, Singing hope in vain.

Snotty grasses, bloody soil,
Pox ridden men, dead, covered in oil,
Leaking sewers, rancid smell,
Bombshells scattered, an explosive spell.

Vomit oceans, vomit seas,
Blackened beaches, ignited palm trees,
Man after man, meet their demise,
Death’s coming, from the wretched skies.

Crunching pale bones, clawing soul,
Weakened and sick, caused by using coal,
No one is here, life is gone,
Don’t believe it? Some call it a con.

Torrid deserts, Cities wrecked,
Burning houses, Bloodsucking insects,
Poisonous snakes, Dying men,
Death is coming, So countdown from ten.

Shallow corpses, rasping breath,
Ghostly forests, the foul stench of death,
Beauty stolen, life replaced,
Soulless planet, its true fate embraced.

Tormenting winds, abundant strain,
Lifeless bodies, unbearable pain,
Blazing darkness, freezing soul,
Lethal essence, increasing death toll

You can’t help them, a lost cause
Should’ve been careful, they’re trapped in pain’s jaws,
Death is coming, mankind dead,
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Heads chopped off with lead.

It’s soon your turn, just relax,
Seas of corpses, gone with a poleaxe,
Their time has come, time to die
Their time has come, it’s their time to cry.

We have been warned, don’t mess with death,
Or this could be, our final breath,
We can’t be helped, bodies go splat,
We won’t survive, I can tell you that.

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