Airplane Astronomy

The houses look like stars
Communities like constellations
Cities like galaxies
But one look straight forward and you will see the moon
Perspective changes as another galaxy on the ground comes into view
These are the stars that bring out the phenomenologist in me
The stars that spark a sense of contentment in the human race
Some may view the display as pollution or as agitating to the eyes
But the beauty of the LED constellations on the ground leave me in awe
Aghast with how lucky I am to be in a chair thousands of feet in the sky
Then a shooting star of the passing plane variety rushes by
And in the most childish way I wish for something
Or perhaps a variety of things such as
Hopes residing deep in my heart
Hopes of the future
Hopes for my life
Hopes concerning humanity
And everything in between

This feeling of warm hope brings a smile to my face as I write this
And I look up to see moonbeams reflecting
Perfectly off of the wings of the plane and onto my face
It is in this moment I feel the closest to a city that I can’t discern even with the natural light of
The night or my beloved artificial stars
The city I have no connection with feels as if it is pulling me magnetically
Yearning for me to explore its streets

For a minute the future and past disappeared
As the present beauty of life had my lips curved into a small smile
For a minute life was
Immensely beautiful and interesting
For a minute I was
Happy because of the Providence that allowed me to witness this moment
For a minute I wished
I could share this feeling with everyone of my friends and family
For a minute I wanted
I could give this feeling to the people who needed the same joy I had
For a minute I saw
The good in the world stripped of the hurt and pain
For a minute I looked
At the moon and it stared straight back and I was happy
And I decided
This minute could go on for another
And another

And another

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This Poems Story

Thoughts on an airplane regarding the breath taking lights of a city just outside the window.