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I can't escape your gravity,
latched to me,
With a firm grip your love always comes after me,
No matter how fast I run I get nowhere,
It's no fair,
You know you're hard to leave,
We fight and make up just to subcumb to our needs,
Repeatedly as we steap into the sheets like bags of tea,
Im a prisoner to how you make me feel,
Hungry for your love inside my cell as you watch me finish my meals,
No plea deal,
I'll do my time willingly kissing you behind these imaginary bars,
Sitting far away from this world amongst this comradery of stars,
And as time flys I couldn't leave you if I tried,
Tied together in this journey as we glide,
Deep into space with your face pressed against mine,
Just two spirits never feeling more alive dying to collide,
Embracing doom behind locked eyes,
Right before we go KABOOM! in these hot skies,
All in the name of amor.

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