An Ode To My Professor

With the ocean of knowledge and pearls of wisdom
She stepped into the teaching kingdom
Where like an evergreen tree she blossomed
A tree that never shed its leaves whether fall or autumn
Under whose shade we sat and weaved the web of creative thoughts
Which she encouraged in us through debates and dialogues
With a zeal for teaching and a determined disposition
She created her identity and position
The simple tasks of thinking, writing and reflection
Became herculean under her direction

Her judgmental red pen was a tool to badger
Made every sentence of our thesis go through her editorial hammer
And showed us how poor was our grammar
The best time to capture her creativity was her evening walks
As that was the time she would bubble with novel thoughts
Her theory classes were so powerful
Made theorists like Parsons, Bourdieu and Durkheim less awful
Her entry into her classroom can never be forgotten
With all and sundry eyeing her silks and cottons

The love and respect we have for her can't be measured
As a friend, philosopher and guide she will always be treasured
Like a guiding star we hope she continues lighting our paths
For which we will always be indebted to her from our hearts

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