Bad habit

Bad habit,
Gotta have it
Keep me from falling into the abyss
That’s right
Underneath me
I’m passing by the skin of my teeth
The nervous emptiness just below my feet

Black emptiness
I don’t know well
but do know well enough to tell
That it could possibly eat me up
To rough
Of a world, too heavy to bear
Bad habits, I have
to take my focus elsewhere

If I take the plunge
Into the abyss
What will be waiting on the other side of it?

All the oppressed pain
Rising to the surface
And the bridge I built
To throw myself out

But the thin ice is cracking up
at the sight of me
It knows I can’t sustain this life of me
So it’s you I’ll have to kill instead
It’s been a long time coming...

Now you’re dead.

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