Before the war begins

Blazon medals adorn their chests
They are prepared to give their best
with sweaty brows and shaking hands
they're ready to spill blood on enemy land
They know that this might be the last time
They see their families in this lifetime
Most are inexperienced in the brutality of war
memories that stay, the nightmares, the scars
They start marching at even pace
where one falls- two more take his place
Their priority is not the army ahead
but what's behind them that matters- family and friends
They will not cower, they will not hide
They will eliminate any threat in sight
when they reach the land that will be
the final resting ground of many
They finally assemble in formation
Prepared to give everything up for this nation
When the enemy is in their line of vision
They start locking targets with precision
The worse part is the silence before the war
It's like the peace before an upcoming storm

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