Billonaire Christians

Billionaire Christians
This is a Christian nation, some billionaire Christians like to say
We have the best holy book and Jesus taught us how to pray.
But I’d like to know what billionaire Christians truly do believe,
Because they seem to have a different Bible from the one I like to read
Who knows if they have Christian faith, because faith is hard to see?
And heavenly faith needs earthly acts to ground it in reality.
Their money could be used to rebuild Flint and feed our hungry kids,
Yet they hoard it off shore and in Geneva, wherever it can be hid
Even one of their own kind, Edmund Burke,
said the rich should protect the land,
Yet they exploit it recklessly for profit and now it’s gotten out of hand.
Those pesky Kochs are real smart alecs and they pay top dollar to get their way.
Where are the billionaires hiding, those who want to save the earth
and who are willing and eager to pay?
To change the script of billionaires hoarding money for self-gain,
to sharing generously e must have create a new equation
So it’s time those stingy oligarchs stop believing they’re good Christians
When they stiff the poor and needy
and then use all their gold and silver just to buy up Caesar’s nation

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