Bleeding Ocean

Can you see the message,
Through the ocean’s floating corpses.
Can you hear the helpless cries,
Through the sea’s screaming silence.
Can you feel the emptiness of the exanamite water,
As man-made death sways back and forth in the tide.

The colors of the ocean, once vibrant and vivid
Now consumed by a harrowing abyss of darkness.
The oil soaked sea, a black canvas.
Painted with filth and garbage
By the hands of carelessness, paints a picture
An egregious path of destruction,
Soon to be irreversible.
Ravenous seagulls desperately look to the sea.
Mountainous piles of everlasting trash,
Plastic, plastic, and plastic,
As far as the eye can see
Becomes the last meal for starving creatures.

A vicious cycle of loss,
Spun by the hands of humans.

What’s the use of a message in a bottle,
When a million bottles can’t send a message.

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