Blue Monday

On blue Mondays
We play among glass dolls
With shattered faces, and broken reflections
We take smiling pictures
On deceitful cameras
Strangling our walls with lies

On blue Mondays
Under kitchen tiles, they hear our cries
Of course we’re fine
We say, hands covering eyes
Grinning from ear to ear
Worried they might hear our buzzing minds,
Quiet down
We tell our fly filled heads

On blue Mondays
We polish our tricks
With tuxedos and yellow ties
We invite them to all our shows
And strike the perfect pose
With a twinkle in the eye
And the lighting just right
We Imprint our deceptions, in their white picket minds

On blue Mondays
When the blood bleeds through the clothes
They’ll say;
Promise you won’t
We’ll say we won’t
With ropes around our throats
Knifes hidden in our mattresses
Guns in our drawers
And meds in little bathroom doors
We’ll say we won’t
Lying on the floor
It...It feels so cold
We’ll say we won’t
While we abandon our dreams
And forget our goals
We’ll say we won’t
Bathing in glittering glass
Drinking up whats left of hope
We’ll say we won’t
Until we’re turned into paper
Stuffed in folders
Organized in files
Remembered by data tables
Just a statistic
Just a life

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