Broken Record Sins…

This must be insanity!? I'm fully aware of the outcome or how the ending might turn out. But why doesn't that stop me or turn me to go another way? How could I truly do it all over again and again repeating histories shameful paths eagerly took? I was in debt before almost had my head out the water. Now I've sunk so far deep below. I need a Savior to come rescue me! Who's not afraid too go where the natural eye can't see. Why must I do these things to myself? Do I hate me? Do I hate you? I've lost my strong-head intelligence possibly. Am I truly this weak? I look in the mirror now can't recognize who I see. I've defeated so much MORE and overcame that. I can't do this on my own! I admit it! I need a lot of strength & support. It's like every time I start to pick myself up and dust myself off alittle. I start to getting walking abit and trip fall flat on my face. I want us both to agree! We are MORE valuable! We are destined for greatness! We want to live and not die! I want to live and not die! I want you to live and not die! I don't know how you haven't seen probably cause it had you like it had me. This has really gotten me looking in the mirror daily to get reacquainted with who I've transformed into this day! A monster without any emotions or feelings only concerned for selfish gain nocare for who receives the pain. I don't want this! I NEVER did! What made me listen to the devil's lies? To blind my eyes like a captured priceless prize held up for ransom. Allowed my ears to be folded shut from the truth like a fool who refuses the reality of God's Truth. Wisest advice given one is always TOO many & a thousand is NEVER enough! This will only destroy you it doesn't let up.

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