I take to the streets among the liars and cheats,
The lowlifes and blasphemous bastards.
A jack of all trades in a game of charades
But hasn't a single skill mastered.
Where are the Lennons, the Dylans, the heroes, the villains?
The prophets with their truths, the dreamers with their visions?

As the dawn breaks the night, that horizon skyline sweeping,
Awake but still sleeping,
Watching those lost souls silently weeping.
'Tis the season to clash with reason, let fate decide the victor
Though we claim to have tamed Mother Nature,
We still can't predict her.

I call to all lovers of the light,
Those good hearts beating to the rhythm of the night.
I pity those who are willing to admit defeat,
Those who'd rather go down the hall than across the street,
Incapacitated; blind to their touch and deaf to their sight.

Oh can't you see
We're all just as free as the men that came before us.
We mustn't be riddled or even belittled
If they exploit or even ignore us.
Take a step, take a stand, fight back at your Big Brother
Accept thy self and flourish in wealth,
You may find you're like no other.

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