Choose to be Kind

Open your eyes, take in what you see,
Try not to judge, just accept and let be.
You can't be in charge of what others do,
But your actions are always on you.
The choice should be simple, loud, and clear,
All forms of hatred should disappear.
Choose to be kind, choose to be kind,
Wherever you go choose to be kind,
Whatever you do, just choose to be kind.
It's not to hard, a complement or smile,
But don't be afraid to go the extra mile.
Spreading hate in the world tears us apart,
So make a better choice, and be smart.
Choose to be kind, it goes a long way,
And it will definitely brighten someone's day.
Choose to be kind and make others see,
With a little more kindness,
We can make the world the best it can be.

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