The clamour of the trepid storms jolted her awake, late at night
So much weight her anxious heart bore
That her only source of solace for slumber was the warmth, the presence of light,
Her eyes, her body bore the weight of the deadly monster outside
For she knew no morning, she knew no night
As the monster kept devouring the innocent in full stride,
Opening the eyes to the catastrophe outside was indeed a grapple
As the deadly monster bared its fangs for the infant, the healer, the nurturer all alike,
She was trapped, she couldn't breathe in what she thought was a nightmarish bubble
But behold! She saw a ray of hope, as brave warriors valiantly marched to the front
There was no dread in those brave eyes, no agitation and no furrow in their calm brows,
As they thrashed their swords with all their might, the monster faltered with a painful grunt,
As she saw a vicious bat encircle the monster, there were warriors fighting it in full sway,
She wondered when will she walk in the moonlight, breathe in the sun, hug her dear old friend,
As the deadliest monster ever seen thundered along, Corona is his name they say.

- Payal Trivedi

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