Standing in a crowd, standing all alone,
Hearing whispers of words that over time had grown.

She smiled at them, and they smiled back;
Everyone fooled by this kind girl's act.

She was sweet and pretty,
Tall but not skinny.

The perfect size anyone could be.
A sweet girl that was plain to see.

As time went on, as it went so fast;
The terrible words seemed to last.

She began to cut, and hide the pain;
Those awful creatures were to blame.

Tear-soaked pillows on the bed,
A letter close by and a bullet in her head.

A girl I knew-a girl I loved,
In a hospital bed with sad words said.

I stared in disbelief, waiting for a sign;
Waiting in hope that everything was fine.

The doctor came in and explained;
I knew the creatures were to blame.

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