D. O. N -double or nothing

D.O.N -Double Or Nothin

Illusion of self control in situations of self restrictions
Abuse of self is what u refuse to help
Now who's to help, when you've driven them off
Smiles hidden in cough my weapon is never secluded by cloth
Im just waiting to blow while diffusin this bomb
Is it wrong, to hold strong to whatever you can
Embedded too deep to let em weather my plans
My hands to the fan never goin with the motive to scam
In accordance to abortion of my dreams for fortune by a temporary means
Too focused to allow locusts to plow dopeness
Tossin pearls before swine, hurl before, lyin
Im planning on break in the cycle
U plannin on takin recitals
Fakin revival
Snakes in the bible,
Double or nothing broke for double got nothing

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