Dear Little girl

Dear little girl,
Your mommy's not right-
All she knows how to do is slight
She doesn't do kisses, she doesn't do hugs
She doesn't understand the meaning of love
So while you grow up as best you can, tucking away the hurt deep inside
Understand the things she says to you are nothing but lies
They are merely a reflection of what she sees in herself
An indication of her mental health
You aren't worthless, stupid, or any of those things
She felt threatened by your beauty and had to clip your wings
So, beautiful girl who has been hiding her smile-
Please see your value and know you are worthwhile
The world is not all evil or bad
And there are many reasons not to be sad
In time you will see things how they really appear
And when you do, you will begin to heal
So see the good and know in your heart
Those words won't leave a permanent mark.

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