Devil in Disguise

You, I thought you were different from the rest.
I thought you were the one to bring me back into the heavenly light,
but you dug my soul deeper into the devil’s playground.
You used me for your own selfish desires.
Setting me on fire you used me as a lantern to light your pathway.
Disregarding my dreams and sacrificing my flames to light your destiny.
I saw something in that arctic, malevolent heart of yours and I fell in love;
my ultimate regret.
So frozen to the core, concealing your lies behind a manipulative and numbing “I love you”.
Giving me frostbite with your beguiling words,
soothing my mind into a false sense of compassion,
thinking that you actually cared
Then after everything, you left me even closer to the inferno’s pit.
Leaving me there to climb back up by myself,
while you ride with someone else into the heavenly light,
exposing your true colors.

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