Copper wires instill doubt in my kidneys
An ethereal luminescence springs, follicles.
the circular motion of my ankles evaluates my claustrophobia
Can’t be ameliorated with Pepto Bismol

You told me not to evaporate in the bathroom stall
But then you said it was the hour of nourishment
Have you ever even puffed Windex?
The bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do

Feeling like an upside down door handle that just won’t open
“Lift handle” has been inscribed on a daunting sign
But I’m illiterate, and the world mocks my limerence

Swedish fish, protractor, conical menstrual cup, the tropic of Capricorn,
Persimmon vine cascading down the window of my teenage angst.
My mask is tender like a two day old half open bag of carrots.

You ripped the pore strip right off my face, but it could not have cleansed my lungs
And with every breath, I am craft scissors pretending to be kitchen shears. Dimensions.

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